My name is Robyn Walker and I have long been passionate about people including the role of eldership in the traditional life of indigenous people.

When I look at our fast-paced, 21st century society, it seems one of the most important ingredients that is missing - is the connection between our elders and our younger family membersImagine sharing ‘YOU’ with those members of your family who may well have been too young at the time to know and remember you, or who have yet to be born. 

My own life journey includes 20+ years as a personal & team development facilitator, working with people from most professions, cultures, ages, and often highly traumatic life situations and backgrounds.

My passion and curiousity about us as a species, also extends to our planet and conversations for positive change. It was this that motivated me to produce and present

Conversations with Robyn

(CWR), which aired on free-to-air community TV in Australia from 2006-2010 and Foxtel 2010-2011. CWR produced engaging and inspirational conversations with Australian & international guests, with the primary aim of creating a happier, healthier and more connected world. This included filming on Olivia Newton-John’s “Great Walk to Beijing” fundraiser in China in 2008.

It has been the sum total of all these experiences (and more) that has provided me with the skills, ability and passion to now produce ‘My Living Memories'  DVD’ have the sensitivity and respect to ’question, listen, encourage, reassure and motivate’.  As one client said ‘Interaction is her style. Her approach is relating to people!'

I personally guarantee the filming of your ‘My Living Memories'  DVD will be one of the most rewarding, fun and enjoyable conversations you will ever have, while providing a loving, informative and inspirational legacy for your family for years to come.