YOUR Living Memories on DVD.

Many people get to a stage in their lives where they are curious,  even hungry, to know more about their ‘Family of Origin’.

Who better qualified to share the story of your family history than you... through your own memories and brand of wisdom!

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Often as we move into the more mature years of our lives, we want to leave our mark, our legacy. We want to know that future generations will remember us, not just through photos or other people telling their stories of us. We want them to truly know we looked and sounded, what we thought, what was of value and what we believed in. To be able to hear our laugh, to feel our smile, to look into our ‘SEE’ us and by so know where they came from!

We know story telling is as old as humanity itself and a ‘My Living Memories'  DVD is also an opportunity to share things that we may not ordinarily say in person. Imagine being able to look into that camera and speak from the heart, to say ‘I Love You!’ What a beautiful ongoing gift for those we will one day leave behind. 

How many of you, when your parents, grandparents etc passed on, wished you had taken the time to ask more, listen more, spend more time in their presence and reminisced as a family. This is your opportunity to be seen, heard, remembered and understood. There are also many people, who for whatever the reason, have stories left untold, however in coming to the end of their years, this is the time they most want to be heard.

Imagine sharing ‘YOU’ with those members of your family who may well have been too young at the time to know and remember you, or who have yet to be born. So the question now becomes “why would you trust me to interview, film and create an extraordinary ‘My Living Memories'  DVD as a legacy of your life journey for you and your family?”  Find out here.

Everyone has a Story To Tell.

You don't have to be 'mature in years' to give a gift like this. Perhaps you are a newly married couple or new or not so new parents. In fact this gift is for anyone who has a story to tell – which is all of US. 

Contact Robyn for more information or if you are ready to create a 'My Living Memories'  DVD.