A recent Current Affair story referred to Wills, which is too often a subject many people find taboo and therefore struggle to face. It also talked about the value of including a Video Will.

Apparently law suits over wills are on the rise, so as they said ‘there's more reason than ever to make sure you've done yours’. Depending on what stats you read, around 50-60% of people pass over without having left a written one.

I have known far to many cases where families have become divided, often what appears to be irreparably, when a much loved parent or family member has passed on, and their wishes were not clearly stated. Especially when their death has been sudden and therefore unexpected and unprepared for.

When I watched the Current Affair story, I thought how perfect the idea of a ‘My Living Will’ compliments what ‘My Living Memories’ has to offer.

Ensuring you have a legally written will, and then following it up with a ‘My Living Will’ makes so much sense. This allows you to explain, in your own words,  why you made those decisions and also allows you to clearly show items  like treasured pieces of jewellery, little knick-knacks etc that you have valued and wish to pass on to certain loved ones.

Although for some people this may seem morbid at first, it may also reduce, even eliminate ongoing anguish and pain often caused by other people’s own agendas and/or misinterpretation of your written will.

As the Current Affair story went on to discuss, a Video Will can also put to rest anyone making a claim that the person was not of sound mind when writing their will.

Filming a ‘My Living Will’ does not have to be a traumatic experience. I can very much guarantee it will be created in a respectful and even light hearted manner, where your loved ones can also see how at peace you were with the concept of your own mortality. That is in itself a priceless gift of love!