Life is a journey and ‘My Living Memories’ can record yours each step of the way.

It is a rare person who does not have dreams and goals and yes they may well change as we move into the next stage, the next chapter of our life. It is those very dreams and goals however that creates the foundation, the next step for another new chapter in our lives.

Imagine recording your life as those new chapters happen, and what better way to have your life journey immortalised than to have a ‘My Living Memories’ DVD filmed for each of those stages.

Whether you are currently a student or a sports person, newly met or newlyweds, young parents or mature parents, moving into your first home or tenth home -  having a DVD that records and shares  those precious thoughts, emotions and feelings as they happen is a priceless gift for the whole family to  look back on later in life.

It also provides that all important legacy to leave for others, age by age and chapter by chapter, sharing your unique life learning’s and experiences.

Every stage, every chapter of your life is unique and so worth capturing on DVD

Posted on August 13, 2013 .

Video Wills

One of the Current Affair stories tonight - August 02, 2013 - referred to Wills - a subject many people find taboo and therefore struggle to face. It also talked about the value of including a ‘Video Will’.

Apparently law suits over wills are on the rise, so as they said ‘there's more reason than ever to make sure you've done yours’. Depending on what stats you read, around 50-60% of people pass over without having left a written one.

When I watched this story, I thought how perfect the idea of a ‘Video Will’ compliments what ‘My Living Memories’ has to offer.

Ensuring you have a written will, and then following it up with a ‘Video Will’ makes so much sense. Your ’Video Will’ allows you to explain, in your own words,  why you made those decisions and also allows you to clearly show items  like treasured pieces of jewellery, little knick-knacks etc that you have valued and wish to pass on to certain loved ones.

Although for some people this may seem morbid at first, it may also reduce, even eliminate ongoing anguish and pain often caused by other people’s own agendas and/or misinterpretation of your written will.

As the Current Affair story went on to discuss, a ‘Video Will’ can also put to rest anyone making a claim that the person was not of sound mind when writing their will.

Filming a ‘Video Will’ does not have to be a traumatic experience. It can be created in a respectful and even light hearted manner where your loved ones can also see how at peace you were with the concept of your own mortality. That is in itself a priceless gift of love!

Posted on August 2, 2013 .

The Value of ‘Face-to-Face’ Communication

How often do you think misunderstandings occur when we are feeling ‘time-poor’ and therefore rely on modern technology to do the communicating for us?

For example, rather than call someone to say we’ll be late, we often find it easier to send a quick text message, rather than getting caught up talking on the phone.

End result?  What we thought was clearly said in half a dozen written words, took on a whole different meaning to the person reading them.


One of the factors that can come into play is that only a small percentage of communication involves the actual words themselves.

The largest component of effective communication is visual at 55% comprising body language and eye contact.

The vocal component is 38% based on the speed, volume and tone of our voice.

This then leaves 7% for the actual words themselves and, as we know, words can have different meanings to different people...hence a real potential for misunderstandings to take place.

Body Language                                                                                              55%

Tone/Volume                                                                                                  38%

The actual words themselves, (not how we say them)                               7%


So when we take the time to actually meet up with someone ‘face to face’, or at the very least, call them on the phone.....we are ensuring a higher level of effective communication.

This is why communicating your life story and wisdom, through a ‘My Living Memories’ DVD is so effective in leaving a clear and lasting legacy for your loved ones.

Posted on August 2, 2013 .

Everyone has a story to tell.

The saying “Everyone has a story to tell – you just have to loosen up and tell it” is really what “My Living Memories” is all about.

Have you ever reflected back over the years, possibly after a good friend or much loved family member has passed away,  and found yourself saying ‘I wished I had asked about .......’ or ‘Why didn’t  I take more time to listen ...............’

We always promise ourselves we will get around to sharing stories, information or whatever we feel is important for our loved ones to know about us...about them...about our combined family history.  Sometimes we do get to it – and more often than not – for whatever the reason, we just don’t.

Granparents and children on beach.jpg

Passing on your family memories, while you are still around to share them, is probably one of the greatest of gifts you have to give, like a time capsule, for future generations to know you and where they came from.

Posted on July 1, 2013 and filed under Bridging the gap.