Everyone has a story to tell.

The saying “Everyone has a story to tell – you just have to loosen up and tell it” is really what “My Living Memories” is all about.

Have you ever reflected back over the years, possibly after a good friend or much loved family member has passed away,  and found yourself saying ‘I wished I had asked about .......’ or ‘Why didn’t  I take more time to listen ...............’

We always promise ourselves we will get around to sharing stories, information or whatever we feel is important for our loved ones to know about us...about them...about our combined family history.  Sometimes we do get to it – and more often than not – for whatever the reason, we just don’t.

Granparents and children on beach.jpg

Passing on your family memories, while you are still around to share them, is probably one of the greatest of gifts you have to give, like a time capsule, for future generations to know you and where they came from.

Posted on July 1, 2013 and filed under Bridging the gap.