Life is a journey and ‘My Living Memories’ can record yours each step of the way.

It is a rare person who does not have dreams and goals and yes they may well change as we move into the next stage, the next chapter of our life. It is those very dreams and goals however that creates the foundation, the next step for another new chapter in our lives.

Imagine recording your life as those new chapters happen, and what better way to have your life journey immortalised than to have a ‘My Living Memories’ DVD filmed for each of those stages.

Whether you are currently a student or a sports person, newly met or newlyweds, young parents or mature parents, moving into your first home or tenth home -  having a DVD that records and shares  those precious thoughts, emotions and feelings as they happen is a priceless gift for the whole family to  look back on later in life.

It also provides that all important legacy to leave for others, age by age and chapter by chapter, sharing your unique life learning’s and experiences.

Every stage, every chapter of your life is unique and so worth capturing on DVD

Posted on August 13, 2013 .