The Value of ‘Face-to-Face’ Communication

How often do you think misunderstandings occur when we are feeling ‘time-poor’ and therefore rely on modern technology to do the communicating for us?

For example, rather than call someone to say we’ll be late, we often find it easier to send a quick text message, rather than getting caught up talking on the phone.

End result?  What we thought was clearly said in half a dozen written words, took on a whole different meaning to the person reading them.


One of the factors that can come into play is that only a small percentage of communication involves the actual words themselves.

The largest component of effective communication is visual at 55% comprising body language and eye contact.

The vocal component is 38% based on the speed, volume and tone of our voice.

This then leaves 7% for the actual words themselves and, as we know, words can have different meanings to different people...hence a real potential for misunderstandings to take place.

Body Language                                                                                              55%

Tone/Volume                                                                                                  38%

The actual words themselves, (not how we say them)                               7%


So when we take the time to actually meet up with someone ‘face to face’, or at the very least, call them on the phone.....we are ensuring a higher level of effective communication.

This is why communicating your life story and wisdom, through a ‘My Living Memories’ DVD is so effective in leaving a clear and lasting legacy for your loved ones.

Posted on August 2, 2013 .